Use your analog watch as a compass

From Grunge…

Let’s say you’ve gone and gotten yourself lost in the woods. Assuming you know whether you’re in the northern or southern hemisphere (and if you don’t, you have bigger problems), you can use your watch as a compass.

Technically, we’re talking about analogue watches with actual hour- and minute-hands. But if you’ve gone digital, you can still use the same principle by using a little bit of imagination when it comes to picturing where the hands would be.

First, if you’re in the north. Point the hour hand at the sun, and imagine a line running halfway between the hour hand and 12 o’clock on your watch. That’s pointing to the south, and the rest of the directions you can figure out from there. If you’re in the south, stand so 12 o’clock on your watch is pointing at the sun. Halfway between the sun and the hour hand is north. That’s so easy to remember that it kind of makes all those movies where the heroes wander in circles look a little bit silly, doesn’t it?

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